Predia Treatment Hair Mist Refill 230Ml

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Treatment materials in the sea, intensive care from hurt hair inside and beyond the hair. Pasataki, honey and swell, hair mist which makes your hair worrisome for the core. Reddish alga extract, marine collagen (moisturizing) ingredients. To mend both the core of the hair and also the cuticle, set up it from a core to a moist hair so that it is gentle and honest tresses. Cuticle conditioning prescription, solidly repair centering on weakened elements of hair. It arranges for the hair which is hard to hurt for the tip of the hair. Hair penetration is excellent and it is wet like essence, although it is not quite heavy, it meets supple and smooth with finger styled hair. Heat care prescription which often adds high temperatures of hair dryer and also hair iron to allies. Protects and repairs the hair surface, enhancing the surface of the surface texture. You can make use of it as a base for styling or even as a blow solution. Cozy refreshing, fresh plant based floral aroma. How to utilize: You can make use of it for both towel hair which is dry and also dried up hair. Tilt the stopper in the OPEN side, spray 5 to 10 cm at arm's length, and give it time to rub off with a hand grip or perhaps a brush. The next thing you should do is check it while blowing with a hair dryer, it builds a lot more superbly.

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