Hot Gelma Foot Pad Healer 2 Pcs Lavender

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Warm feeling on the soles. It makes use of hot extract powder, it is a sap sheet which you can feel comfy feeling as usual. Just put it on your feet before going to bed. Wave rock bad ion, tree extract, germanium triple power called for extra moisture of the sole, refreshing feeling clearly. Directed a calm feeling from the scent of lavender. It is scent which is perfect before sleeping. After use, if it contains extra moisture, it changes from white powder sheet to hard brown. How to use: When pushing a sheet, unnecessary ingredients oozes out from the body. Paste the sap sheet (red face) to the center of the corrected adhesive sheet. Put it lightly with your hand while holding it on the element of the foot where you are wanting to paste. If you put it at bed time, you can use without discomfort. Wipe clean with a wet towel, etc for the part after use. Use this product just once per function and hygiene. Change if it gets stiff, discolored and sticky.

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