Bijou De Mer Rejuve Face Renewal Cream 30G

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Bijou De Mer means Gem Of The Sea. Cosmetics of eternity sent by the sea. Gift from the sea brings refined quality to your skin. The sea is the source of energy for the Earth. Only 5 % of the sea were explored, and the Earth s treasures remain undetectable in the sea. Bijou De Mer is an aesthetic product known as gem of the sea and contains a high concentration of marine microorganisms as its ingredient. A big quantity of microorganisms inhabit the sea, as well as the chemical substance structures of the key components within these marine microorganisms (phytoplankton) happened to be seen to be intricate, rare, in addition to varied when compared to those used in plant life, along with having good things to do. These conclusions accelerated the research of marine microorganisms. The technical substances we have being used are been given straight from BiotechMarine (expert on algae and coastal plants) in France, who been successful in the elucidation of in the past unknown marine microorganisms, as well as LIPOTRUE (expert on the investigation on marine microorganisms) in Spain. We make use of the leading edge manufacturing facilities in Japan as well as the regular manufacturing technology to the highest to develop and also develop products with efficacy and safety. Leading edge firmness aspect and also rich moisturization component makes refined, firm, shiny skin. An endurance product moisture and beauty. The most effective version of firmness for you. This is the generation of total aging care(Care applied in accordance with the age) command cream. Moisture keep system shipping and delivery system (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract) steadily releases the moisturizing aspect in the keratin covering to create good-looking skin with long-term water. Compounded with marine microorganism ingredient Arctalice (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract), that was obtained in the deep, cold northern sea near Greenland where Aurora Borealis could be seen. Creates clean and bright outside skin. Pack Size - 30g

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