Mechnikovs Probiotics Formula Hydrating Toner 133Ml + 7G

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Benefits: Mechnikov's skin care line is inspired by the father of Lactobacillus therapies Mechnikov, helps strengthen skin sheets and also skin s barrier with fermented system. A moisturizing toner gives profound moisturizing and improve skin s moisture-absorbing skill with Hyaluronic Acid system. Offers hydrating results by combining Moisture Liposome shot and also toner to further stimulate the water-bomb impact. Mixed with Quattro Biome and free of charge from ten arguable ingredients to better skin s condition as well as turn your skin with resilience. Formulated with pH 5.5 importance to switch skin to healthy content material and protect skin from external stimulus. How to use: 1. Open the toner cartridge cap by transform it open up the pump head. 2. Add most of the subject material of hydrating shot into the toner. 3. Shake to mix in an up-down motion after go over again the printer toner container. 4. Put on a modest degree on face and dab for better absorption.

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