Dia Foil Mask Set 10Pcs (3 Types) Horse Milk

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Dia Foil Mask collection originates with 3 types: 1. Dia-Goat Milk Foil Mask A nourishing cover up sheet enriched with yellow charcoal and goat milk essence originated from New Zealand brightens skin while unclogging pores with its abundant minerals. In addition, it contains gem powder, extracts from pearl and also aloe vera. 2. Dia-Horse Foil Mask A cover up sheet with Horse Milk (Mayu) base originated from Jeju, South Korea revitalizes tiredness face. Its highly effective Mayu essence along with White Charcoal mask sheet produces high minerals and moisture to skin, as well as helps lessen pigmented skin. 3. Dia-Crocodile Serum Foil Mask A serum type mask sheet targets lifeless and also skin which is dried out, delivers hydration which is required and therefore prolongs moisturizing result by creating a security layer. How to use: 1. After cleansing, adjust skin surface with toner. 2. Spread the mask sheet over face, avoid eye and also lip areas. 3. Take away the mask after 10-20 minutes. Pat softly with keeping essence.

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