Gentle Cleansing Milk 200Ml

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A high-class milk cleanser featuring remarkable antiseptic technology that pampers skin while picking up at bay every traces of cosmetics and also impurities. Dewy moisturizing formulation supplies a smooth comfortable software. Leaves skin clean, wet, as well as supple with a peek of renewed radiance. Produced with a dewy serum-like surface which usually clings to skin and quickly dissolves makeup and impurities. Simple melting-action cleansing. Increases the radiance along with beauty of skin by picking up away lifeless surface cells and harmful environmental irritants. Formulated with Clearing Ingredient which usually diligently purifies the stratum corneum while maintaining moisture content which is crucial. Reduces dullness as well as the visibility of pores for a very refined, even skin surface with brightness and translucence. Maintains water within skin and allows you to bolster your skin s barrier function. Preserves an excellent moisture level for 8 hours. Tissue-off removal routines. Leaves skin resilient, supple, and comfortably moist. Formulated with an exclusive Cle de Peau Beaute ingredient, Cellular IC Normalizer that raises conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system. Presents rinse-off or tissue-off removal without having notable residue. Contains a beautiful smell of all-natural rose and also unusual orchid that further increases the luxury of this procedure. Alcohol-free. How to use: Apply without wetting hands or perhaps face. Pump the dispenser 3 or perhaps 4 times to release a good volume of face cleaner into hand. With fingertips, try to massage cleanser over face using circular motions until makeup products and impurities lift off skin. Clean off with a tissue or perhaps wash with cold or lukewarm water. For removal of waterproof and long-wear eye makeup, use of eye makeup remover is encouraged.

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