Bichup First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence Special Set: Essence 85Ml + Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Balancer 20Ml + Emulsion 20Ml + Moisture Cream 4Ml + Blooming Pink Pouch 1Pc 5 Pcs

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An exclusive set from The History of Whoo featuring Bichup Self-Generating series consists of an entire proportions of Anti-Aging Essence, two sample size of Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Balancer, Emulsion, moisture Cream and A pouch. Very concentrated, yet rapid absorbing essence that starred its Hanbang strategy (oriental medical system) combats ageing signs above all fine lines and wrinkles. How to use: 1. Pump 2-3 instances being sufficient content, spread evenly over cleansed and toned skin. 2. Pat lightly to aid further absorption.

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