Mondahmin Premium Care Mouthwash 380Ml Sensitive

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Low-stimulation non-alcohol type. Wash the guts, micro earth, and then gooeba that cause mouth troubles like plaque and bad breath. Three healing materials (CPC, GK2, TXA) and tooth coating ingredient shellac work. A good number of total oral care is often achieved with the seven most powerful results in the history of Mondamine (reduction of caries, gingivitis, hemorrhaging, reduction of bad breath, reduction of plaque adhesion, cleansing of oral cavity, and refreshing of mouth). Prevent mouth troubles of all generations from children to adults. A refreshing sensation of coolness continues with a gentle premium mint flavor. The way to use: On top of daily (daily) toothpaste, rinse your mouth with an appropriate volume of about 20mL (half cap line) and wash out for 20 to 30 seconds. After use, it is not essential to rinse your mouth with water.

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