Hair Cosme Care & Styling Quick Dry & Styling Lotion 250Ml

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It is a hair solution with short drying function as well as sleeping job fused. Considering the function of the hair bundle separate aspect, the hair which grew into a bundle simply by spraying is loosened, as well as it is easy to dry. Furthermore, when blowing with a hair dryer, since the quick dry ingredients volatilize with the water of the hair, hair dries faster than usual, and reduction of damage to hair and hair & hair is applied. You can make use of it as sleeping, very quickly reset the quantity along with disturbance of hair by in bed. Arrange hair which is smooth without problems to the tip of the hair. It is equally attractive to partner destruction repair ingredients, moisturizing ingredients, heat shield ingredients and also styling while maintaining your hair. Paraben free, natural ingredients formulation. The way to use: As a rapid dry lotion (when chosen for soaked hair). After shampooing, climb up the water effectively with a soft towel, spray the appropriate degree on the complete tresses, make it with hand gesture, etc. The next thing you should do is blow dry with a blow dryer (hot air). As a bed restore lotion (when chosen on dried up hair). Spray pretty much as you moisten your hair, set up with a handrush as well as brush. You can spray uniformly from 5 to 10 cm out of the hair.

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