Target Effect S

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Approaches your skin in which the pores of the skin as well as face lines think the gravity. A product which often leads to decontaminate skin brimming with elasticity. With a rich and rich atmosphere, the moisturizing ingredients are sent without stickiness, as well as the outside preserves the pin and firmness, to a firm skin appearance. Attention for the time being what happens in the future before accumulating extras. For individuals who actually would like to self-control your skin of the face area line. SOD Triple Recharger (Sakura leaf extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, Ogon extract, glycerin) (moisturizing ingredient). Deep S target ingredients (pine extract, glycerin) (moisturizing ingredients). Healing active ingredient vitamin E derivative and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate. How to utilize: Use at the end of morning and also evening management. Put on an appropriate amount on to the fastened spatula and apply it to all areas of the face. The volume of usage is about 1cm (about 0.3g) at the tip of the spatula. Pack Size - 30g

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