Zubo Labo Morning Clear Lotion Sheet 35 Pcs 2 Types

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Wet It is a moisture form of a deodorant lotion sheet which usually may be chosen for facial cleansing, lotion and also keratin care with a wipe. Adopted wealthy sheet of determination which may be worn in the season in relation to drying. Fresh new wiping and also Moisturizing, only needing to wash it with skin care, wiping off the morning wiping sheet. Adopted wealthy sticking sheet. Merely wake up in the morning, just warm up. You can make use of it as a face area wash each morning. pore dirt and Extra sebum also are wiped off only. Moisturizing ingredients (penetrating hyaluronic acid, vitamin C derivatives, grapefruit fruit extract) formulated. Wipe off old keratin skin with care. Skin roughness prohibition ingredient AHA ingredients. How to use: Get rid of one sheet and slowly wash entire face.

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