Bub Epur Bath Essence Orange Flower & Patchouli Scent 400G

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Epsom salt (hyperfine carbonate as well as active compound magnesium sulfate) furthermore. to be able to boost the bathing impression, stimulates bit by bit excessive sweating uniqueness, stagnant blood flow, metabolism up, treat the frosty and tiredness. Natural plant based aroma orange flower and also patchouli perfume of is, sweet and elegant scent a warm appropriate for whenever you are wanting to settle mood. Plant based extract Rosemary extract, Eucalyptus extract, Shogyo extract (moisturizer) is compounded. How to use: Weigh about 50 g in bathtub hot water (150-200 L). Since powder may perhaps be on the bottom level, bathe after stirring well and melting. For that weighing in at, use the outside cap (inner line about 50g).

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