Pita Winding Jenne Hair Curl 3 Pcs 3 Types

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You can roll your hair while combing your tresses for instance a hair comb. The secret is the hook-shaped protrusion. Collect your hair without losing it. Curls solidly from the root. Perforated building that makes it simple to pass the heating of the hair dryer. It can drying and also cleansing. How to use: Comb your tresses with a lightly brush. Curling the tresses with the curler's projections and winding. Apply the hair dryer in the sale of air which is hot to air which is cold. If you heat it with air which is cold, it will last longer. Slowly rotate the curler over the flow of hair before removing. In case you can not say goodbye to it, pinch the hair bundle slightly from the end and pull it out from exactly where it comes off very easily. Curling lasts for a longer period if prepared with hair spray or wax.

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