Center-In Daily Wing Sanitary Napkin 24Cm 17 Pcs 2 Types

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Ultra instantaneous taking in center-in pad with securely packed high absorbent polymer meets your criteria solidly to the human body, absorbing menses. Quite possibly if you are worried about getting out, you will soon constrict menstrual blood, so absorb it even if it is thin. It is superior in absorbed sum and also absorption rate, it absorbs solidly in the napkins. Improved' fluffy sheet' absorbs acceleration, so absorbs in the middle without distributing menstrual blood, it is safe without giving up beside. Ladies who adore fashion are usually certain system types that do not look like sanitary supplies. it's not hard to carry and It's great for going out. Individual presentation is really small and also stream-lined as to fit easily into the palm of your hand with its own packaging systems, so even if you placed in a pocket or perhaps pouch, it is sensible. Furthermore, since it does not make use of paper tape, the sound when it is swapped out can be quite quiet. Core Inn is packed with pleasurable options in a variety of scenes relevant to menstruation. After use it is wrapped in a sheet and disposed of. Pack Size - 17 pcs

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