Natural Perfection Hand Cream 10G 4 Types

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No.1 selling set of Makanai Cosmetics - Natural Perfection Hand Cream, made of natural ingredients. frankincense Feature of smell, frankincense. The product has a light aroma of all-natural frankincense. Since the perfume just isn't artificial, you can benefit from a gentle fragrance. Yuzu Honey Honey was elevated by 20 %, in comparison to conventional Yuzu Honey series. The cream keeps wet skin condition by increasing moisture retention and putting out the consequence of ceramide with mixed Honey. Snow Blossom The de-stress aroma of Snow Blossom, such as Ylang ylang, Grapefruit perfumes etc. Japonism An unforgettable Japanes aroma which often closes your eyes as well as makes you would like to remember. The fragrance consuming merely natural essential oils including bergamot and also ylang ylang is a soothing aroma of the initial blend.

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