Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Refill 270Ml 4 Types

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Bifesta Cleansing Lotion - Acne Care: Removes makeup and dullness, making skin a lot more translucent. Skin lotion-derived antiseptic ingredients gently and quickly floatand envelop oil-based makeup products, removing it along with dullness-causing dead skin cells, while maintaining your skin hydrated. Gently wash off with cotton to clear out actually the thickest eye makeup, cornerstone trapped in pores, as well as dullness, without kneading the skin. Just how Quick Floating works: Skin lotion-derived antiseptic ingredients float makeup dirt and grime and/or catch dullness-causing dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are enveloped by antiseptic ingredients. A single bottle for anything from beauty products removal to skin care. Use this sole can of cleansing water that contains skin lotion ingredients for anything from beauty products removal to skin care. Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid for beautiful translucent skin. Consists of two types of effective health ingredients to keep zits or perhaps skin roughness. Retains skin condition freshly moisturized without gooey sensation. Containing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients, non-irritant system. Fragrance-free, Colorant-free, Oil-free, Alcohol-free, Paraben-free. Bifesta Cleansing Lotion - Bright Up: The revitalized Cleansing Lotion Series things come with the identical skin lotion cleansing active ingredients as before, plus new moisturizing antiseptic ingredients, further helping the products' cleansing power and gentleness on the skin. The formula contains antiseptic substances that combine with beauty products quicker, realizing easy and low-friction makeup removal that is light on your skin as well as free of charge of forcible rubbing. Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid for richly hydrated skin Wipe-off type (used with cotton). Eliminate makeup and also skin dullness and bring back translucence to your skin. The moisturizing cleansing ingredients derived from charm lotion in quick motion float and envelop oil-based makeup products, effortlessly getting rid of makeup and used competency cells, which make your skin appear dull. Gently move soaked cotton on the skin, as well as take off solid eye makeup, cornerstone trapped in pores, and also skin dullness, very easily without rubbing. Entirely removing dead skin cells and also earth trapped in pores. Containing moisturizing Vitamin C in addition to lactic acid (a sort of AHA) for translucent skin area. That contain lactic acid (dead mobile softener). Bifesta Cleansing Lotion - Enrich: One can of beauty products from make-up remover to make-up water. It is a purifying solution with a feeling of decreasing and moisture content up. And also a unique moisturizing antiseptic ingredient with a skin care effect on top of the laundry detergent created from regular lotion. Enveloping the dirt quicker, what's more, it brings down older keratin that creates dark colored make-up and also dullness, although it also betters moisture after cleansing. Certainly no smell, col

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