Juicy Salt Body Scrub 300G 3 Types

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Natural mush salt (scrub ingredient ) & AHA (lactic acid: old skin distinct ingredient) combination. Feels slippery with foamy body scrub of sorbet type, soft body. Natural unclean salt scrub and/or AHA (lactic acid: specific aspect of keratin), old keratin that can cause roughness and dullness. Dirt on pores, extra sebum, cleanses away, and can also be implemented on skin with a sense of transparency. Soy milk fermented solution (moisturizing ingredient) that contain soy isoflavone, always keeping the tub moist and also moist skin. How to use: Wet the body adequate, have an appropriate volume (about 2 ping pong balls in the full body) in hand. Massage it gently over the skin. Following that, wash the full body while bubbling with a soft towel or perhaps sponge which contain hot water. 1-2 times per week is a standard of use.

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