Lab Smart Mask 1 Pc 4 Types

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Fragrance free, pigment free, alcoholic drinks free. GHK-Cu Reverse the young of time is in 1 part in place. Smooth fine lines, firming anti-wrinkle. Press the pause button to cover your skin perfectly. Licorice Tender therapy, a drop of Moist and also thorough sensitive skin. Nourish and also look after skin which is vulnerable, reliable repair. The area is calm and smooth, the bottom stratum is soft and sensitive. Squalane External moisturizing and inside a remedy, calmly package with dried out skin problems. External formation a skin barrier appropriate film to deal with environmentally friendly damage. inside Moisturizing repair, locking skin nutrients. Ceramide The skin's natural drinking water retention net solidly grasps the skin's moist and soft. The your skin of ceramide, tightly locking the full moisture of the facial skin. Repair the primary building to strengthen the skin's safety barrier. The way to use: After the face area is wiped clean, open the package and get rid of the mask. First add it with regard to the forehead and nose, now flatten an entire face. After staying for 10-15 minutes, climb up the film below and carefully pat the remaining essence on the face. After use, you can carry out ensuing skin care without more clothes that need to be washed. Pack Size - 1 pc

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