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The function of keratin care is to scrape off old keratin, but moisturizing treatments is more critical. Since exfoliation could hurt the skin, it is crucial to moisturize speedily after keratin care. The dear mayuko pumice stone contains a natural moisturizing ingredient fresh sericin delivered from persimmon, for this reason your skin after kneading is moist and smooth. The way to use: While the pumice made of polyurethane is consumed, the key body will slowly be scraped and also be smaller. The natural moisturizing ingredient fresh sericin born from pumice and also persimmon is kneaded, so that you can feel the moisturizing feeling of clean sericin until the end. To make use of, moist with hot or perhaps water which is hot, and gently massage hardened keratins such as heels and fingertips. Rinse nicely after use, become dry in a well-ventilated place. Pack Size - 1 pc

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