Eyelash Essence 2 Types

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Specific repair for weakened eyelashes. An eyelash essence that contains Widelash Tip sort, for this reason it is not at all hard to disperse onto the lash lines. Is made up of WidelashTM (moisturizing ingredient): Provides body which is strong, resilience, and moisture also to damaged eyelashes, providing them strength and vitality. Fast-drying type: As this is quick-drying, it tends to be put to use as a base for mascara before putting on makeup in the morning (please apply mascara after the solution has become dry completely). Very long puff application: With the very long tip, you can have a tendency to a number of eyelashes immediately. How to utilize: Please use after skincare in the morning and at night. (1) Using the end of the tip, apply lightly to the upper and lower lash lines. (2) Turn the tip sideways and carefully apply to all areas of the surface of the eyelashes therefore as to dissolve the essence. Furthermore, this can in addition be applied to the eyebrows.

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